Collection of Advice and Resources

This page is my notebook and essentially a living document where I save advice or resources I have come across and found helpful.

On Research Questions

Paul Graham on how to do good worklink to blog post

Advice I have come across

Here I list advice that has been shared with me. If you see your advice listed here and are comfortable with adding your name, I’m happy to turn it into a quote.

On Research Questions & Paper Ideas

On Polishing Papers

Organizing Quantitiative Data Projects and Code

CodeAndData.pdf ( Or in HTML format: Code and Data for the Social Sciences:A Practitioner’s Guide ( healthinequality-code/code/ at main · michaelstepner/healthinequality-code (

On Building a Website

on Website

On Websites... Here are webpages I like and have borrowed from: - Kirby Nielsen - -


On Python

On PhDing

On Writing

On Advising